Getting Started Running: Train for a 5K

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Join us to run a 5K!

 We'll get you there, even if you haven't run in years. Our 10-week program starts wherever you are to get you to the 5K distance -- that's 3.1 miles. We increase distance and intensity bit by bit. We'll work with you whether you're starting out walking, doing run/walk intervals, or want to return to running after an injury or hiatus.

We call it No Boundaries because it's about breaking through any perceived barriers. What's stopping you from getting moving?

You can count on our experienced coaches and mentors to support and motivate you, while teaching you everything you need to know to be a smart and fit runner or walker.

This program was designed by New Balance and Fleet Feet Sports and is offered at Fleet Feet stores across the country. It has gotten thousands of first-time runners to the finish line of a 5K race - and it will get you there too!

Our program begins Wednesday, February 27. It meets for ten weeks on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 8 a.m. You'll get a training program for workouts on your own the rest of the week. The program targets the Big Bear 5K in Menlo Park on May 5. The cost is $200.


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