Why Ghost Run?

Why do we host the Ghost Run 5K each year?

We're big fans of Halloween, and costumes, and running, of course. It usually follows a week after one of our biggest half-marathons of the year, so for the NWHM runners it's a good recovery run. We are able to raise money for Stand Up 8 Foundation. And we love getting the community together.

This video probably sums it up better in pictures than we can in words. Thank you to everyone who came out to Ghost Run 2014 to run, cheer, hand out shirts, clean up, direct traffic, pace runners, and give out candy. Thank you to Cafe Zoe, Trader Joe's, Uforia Studios, RIBS Chiropractic, and Brooks Running. Also thank you to Rachelle Albini and Irene Searles for these super photographs.

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