Athlete of the Week: Patricia Kuljian

Patricia Kuljian

Announcing Athlete of the Week: Patricia Kuljian.

Patricia inspires us for her grit and determination. 

She's a longtime runner with a lot of training savvy. But she battled a number of injuries and setbacks over the past year. She had to postpone her race dreams several times, and reluctantly backed out of her Napa Marathon plan due to illness.

Patricia soldiered on, creating her own training plan and building her own run group support group. Debbie Berumen kept her company on long training runs.

And on April 26, Patricia finished the San Luis Obispo Marathon in triumph! 

Patricia inspires us with her determination and entertains us with her sass. She's a blast to run with. And we're so happy to have her back running with the team.

Hooray, Patricia: We are proud of you!

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