Athlete of the Week: Marty Pearce

Marty Pearce

Announcing Athlete of the Week: Marty Pearce.

Marty is a champ! He ran his first half-marathon last month, at Capitola, and ROCKED it! Wow, he ran that fast.

This after running multiple 5K and 10Ks, including far flung races in Madrid and St. Petersburg. Sure, he has excellent coaching at home--and he clearly is listening to Coach Naomi's great advice because he is running stronger and stronger.

He's also finding his own path, important for every runner! We love having him on the team and look forward to seeing where his legs will take him.

Marty is unassuming, supportive, generous and kind. He has been to MANY MANY races simply to cheer others. He has been to many expos, schlepped many bags, mugged for the silly pictures, and hung out at finish lines for hours with equal enthusiasm for the first and the last finishers. Thanks for all the encouragement!

Marty is also simply fun to be around. He's always up for a party. He's a fantastic cook (poke! fish tacos!). He clearly loves being a host. And he must be an excellent fisherman because he sure comes home from his annual expedition with a lot of fish!

It's great seeing Marty grow stronger as a runner and break his own records. And we love all the goodwill and fun he brings to the team. Thanks for running with us Marty!

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