Robert de Stefano's sleep tips

Sleep tips from Robert de Stefano

We learned lots from the Sleep Garden Guru.

• Putting yourself to sleep well can help with all sorts of sleep issues, from interrupted to fitful to excessive sleep.

• Create a routine that separates the day from the night. Make time and space to put yourself to sleep mindfully, not just passing out in front of the TV.

• Focus on getting yourself relaxed rather than needing to get to sleep as the goal.

• Cool down your body by lying on the floor and elevating your legs. Massage your temples and scalp.

• Stimulate the gut's release of seratonin with pressure on your belly. Roll up a towel or use a Trigger Point roller and gently lie face down with the roll on your gut. Breathe.

• Try a modified Downward Facing Dog before bed or if your sleep is interrupted. Use the back of a chair to support yourself as you walk back, stretch, then walk forward. At routine's end, stand up and breathe. Don't focus on stretching or form, just focus on relaxing. Think about your foot, then your ankle, then your leg, etc. This isn't about doing it "right," it's about relaxing your mind.

• For more info on sleep, see Robert de Stefano's website at the Sleep Garden.

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